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Child Care and AdoptionFor new moms, dads, and busy parents, LifeSolutions child care services can provide helpful information on a range of services. Whether you are looking for quality day care or strategies on helping your child with homework, LifeSolutions WorkLife services can help.

If your company has purchased our Personalized Concierge program, and you want to talk to a WorkLife specialist, please call 1-800-647-3327. Our WorkLife specialists can put you in touch with resources and referral information on a variety of child care services. Whether you are looking for child care vacancies, babysitters, or summer camp programs, you are one phone call, click, or instant chat away from valuable resources and referrals. These resources are sent to you within 6-12 business hours.

Check out all the areas in which WorkLife services can help:

International and domestic adoption resources are available, including referrals to adoption agencies, support groups and other resources. A WorkLife adoption specialist can talk about the process of adoption, what is required before you can adopt, and resources for support for after adopting a child.

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